Upcoming Compliance Deadlines (Spring-Summer 2018)

June 2018

June 30th

For plans that maintain an eligible automatic contribution arrangement (EACA), this is the due date for processing corrective distributions for failed ADP/ACP tests (without incurring the 10% excise tax).

July 2018

July 28th

If you amended your plan in 2017, the law requires that you distribute a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) to the plans participants.

July 31st

Form 5500 (Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan) and Form 8955-SSA (Annual Registration Statement Identifying Separated Participants with Deferred Vested Benefits) are due without extension.

Form 5558 (Application for Extension of time) extends the due date for Forms 5500 and 8955-SSA for 2 and ½ months.


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